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Strawberry Liqueur

700 ml

30% alcohol


BRAN Strawberry Liqueur is a sweet eau-de-vie, extracted from the ripe, fragrant fruit we pick carefully in the grasslands of Northern Transylvania. We ferment our strawberries in pure spring water, and the resulting syrup is clear and clean-tasting. After maceration, we infuse our spirits with tradition and bottle them in conical brandy shooters and glassware of all sorts. This is a traditional Romanian product, true to the BRAN family recipe.

Why not let Bran Strawberry Liqueur tell you some stories over a leisurely meal? We all know that for honey catches more flies than vinegar!


I feel: sweet, fruity notes

I taste: a sweet and authentic flavor of strawberry

I'm delighted: by a red-rose hue

I savor: sweet, fragrant flavors