Never count the years or the shots of brandy! Plum brandy, țuica and rakia are Romanian national symbols that do us proud and round off our meals, so we make sure every shot is pure elixir.

A leisurely meal with a drink or two is one of life’s great pleasures. Nothing else does your soul more good, so enjoy it wholeheartedly. And we just love using our orchard harvest to make our strength-giving drinks!

Satu Mare in small shots! Sharpen your senses and calm your spirit with BRAN Distilleries’ most headstrong child. An audacious recipe that dares to leave your usual tipple behind.

Keep passing on the BRAN tradition!

We pour therapy and joy into every souvenir miniature, so our flavour, look and lingo from the heart of Transylvania keeps on spreading. Our liquor delights connoisseurs everywhere, making it the perfect gift that refreshes the senses and balances the spirit!

Casa Palincii (House of Pălinca) safeguards the authentic taste of the first pălinci distilled in our copper stills. Our iconic bottles bring you a traditional Romanian drink full of the flavours of the Satu Mare hills in a BRAN family recipe.

The same unmistakable BRAN taste, in an assortment of varieties and flavors, will give visitors to your event the experience of a traditional spirit.