Our story is bottled, so once you open a bottle of BRAN, we get to know each other!
We choose those curious and courageous enough to taste. Those who know that a digestive liqueur of green walnuts opens the best evenings, and that pălinca can always be the basis of a long drink.

It pours nostalgia into our nostrils and discovers those thirsty for new adventures. Our talk is full of flavor and our ways are those of explorers, so we easily become a preference for lovers of sophistication. BRAN is fine and it’s easy to drink, makes you feel things and feel good… this is why all the party people gather around the van when we go to a festival.

We are in the middle of the people, because we follow trends and combine tastes. The heart of Transylvania echoes across Europe, and the orchards in Satu Mare come to the US, Canada and New Zealand! After you taste it, you will choose us, because we are also your taste!