Blueberry Liqueur miniature - BRAN Distilleries

Blueberry Liqueur Miniature

45 ml

30% alcohol


Let our lore in snifters sway, for that’s our way:
Tradition in a glass – let our Romanian rakia and plum brandy delight your senses.

BRAN Blueberry Liqueur is a sweet, refreshing drink made from wild blueberries, ripened in the grasslands of Northern Transylvania. We pick them with care at the foot of the mountains and ferment them in clear spring water to produce a pure, healing syrup. After maceration, we blend our own tradition into the distilled alcohol and bottle our Romanian Blueberry Liqueur, made according to the BRAN family recipe. Drink Blueberry Brandy in small frequent doses whenever you need a mood boost.


I feel: Fresh, fruity notes

I taste: a sweet-sour, delicious, ripe blueberry flavor

I’m delighted: by a purple-bluish shade

I savor: strong aromas of ripe fruit