Samaro - lichior de nuci verzi - Distileriile Bran


700 ml

35% alcohol


This healthful digestif is made from over 50 medicinal plants, propolis and fresh green walnuts. It will quench your thirst for knowledge and whet your taste for adventure. This explorer of strong, vibrant, and expressive flavors is unique in its complexity in an ice shot and works beautifully as a base spirit for long drinks. Distilled to a BRAN family recipe, SAMARO loosens tongues and starts friendships. It will single you out in a crowd and lead you on an adventure every time.

Drink it in shots when you want to feel brave, and drink it fast!


I feel: rich and captivating notes of aromatic herbs, green nuts and a hint of honey I taste: A healthy combination of sweet-white flavors, accents of green nuts, herbs, honey and spices I'm delighted: by brown earth tones I savor: a flavor that persists