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Apricot Liqueur

700 ml

30% alcohol


For three generations, we have grown prime apricot trees on our land in the heart of Transylvania. The fruit we harvest gives us the fresh, late-summer flavor of BRAN Apricot Liqueur. After washing our apricots in pure spring water, we sweeten them and leave them to macerate in our cool cellars. This produces a smooth, mellow liqueur. A traditional Romanian product, BRAN Apricot Liqueur is the sweetest medicine we can bottle, a must for anyone who appreciates delighting their senses.

We recommend BRAN Apricot Liqueur for any shindig, in the evening, or at any other time of day!


I feel: Fresh, fruity notes

I taste: a delicious apricot flavor

I'm delighted: by a vibrant orange shade

I savor: strong aromas of ripe fruit